Member Benefits

Along with all the wonderful benefits listed below, you will also have the access to the following benefits as a member of NYSAEYC!

  • SharedSource ECNY (www.sharedsourceecny.org)
    • SharedSource EC NY is a resource that can be used to assist teachers and directors with cost-saving plans, regulations, and marketing. It is a great resource for all in the field. Click here for a preview.
  • Apply for a Mini Grant for your school
  • Conference Scholarships
  • Free state conference registration if presenting a workshop
  • State newsletter two times per year and E-Newsletters at least 2 times a year
  • Leadership opportunities on the local, state and national level to serve on boards, advisory councils, statewide committees, and chapter committees. Email contactus@nysaeyc.org for more information.
  • Access to the members-only section of the NAEYC website

As a student, you can also have access to the following resources:

NAEYC Member Benefits

Comprehensive Membership Regular
Comprehensive Members receive six cutting edge books each year - a $100 value
20% discount on all products in our catalog/online store, including books, videos, brochures, posters, and more.
The print publication package of your choice: five issues of Young Children or five issues of Teaching Young Children.
Five digital issues of award-winning Young Children, NEXT for Young Children, and Tesoros y Colores (the Spanish version of Teaching Young Children) packed with the latest developments in early childhood education, practice, and research.

Cinco números de revistas digitales del Premio Young Children, NEXT for Young Children, y Tesoros y Colores (versión en español de Teaching Young Children) que contiene los últimos avances en la educación de la niñez, su práctica e investigación.
Reduced registration fees for NAEYC-sponsored conferences and training opportunities, including the world's largest early education conference.
USI offers NAEYC members discounted insurance plans designed to meet your personal and professional needs, including professional liability and car insurance.
Access to the Members Only area of our website, which features exclusive digital benefits and content.
Reduced subscription fees for the highly respected Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Exchange Magazine, Highlights High Five, Highlights Hello, and Education Week.
Voting rights in NAEYC elections to help shape the future of the early childhood profession.
10% percent tuition reduction and waived application fee for new students at Walden University. Learn more
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